About FieldWorks

Fieldworks Co., Ltd. helps marketing ranging from planning to producing, sales promotion, and sales of visual contents using research and data analysis.
In addition, we will provide a variety of services in line with the needs of the film and video industry and the market.  

Marketing Research

The promotion of most of the movies released in theaters is the process and efforts of building and launching a new brand and penetrating it in the market. (How many people know the movie and how many people feel like watching it?)
Our “Promotional Penetration Research” which starts by examining the result of the process and efforts, can be used as a tool available for you to verify whether promotion and advertisement activities such as buying ads and PR are deployed as initially expected,

Database Marketing

Our database marketing is, in the video business, to create a customized database environment for customers to solve their problems and to provide a tool that enables customers to conduct their own data analysis.

Screening Schedule Survey and Sales

We research the current and future screening schedule of the movie theaters (approximately 600 sites and 3,500 screens) throughout Japan, and provide them to major portal sites, movie sites, town information sites, and mobile sites.

Contents business

We do plan development, purchase, and license of DVD, Blu-ray, and contents for VOD distribution with our proprietary know-hows and unique approaches. Also we will help you relaunch the foreign movies with Japanese dubbed versions produced in 70’s and 80’s whose sound source being replicated by our unique approach.

WEB production, operation and promotion

We plan and produce a wide range of websites related to the visual content business.

Digital data download service

By using our download service, you can provide mass media and theaters with advertising materials from film distribution companies (video manufacturers) and commercial materials related to theater screenings without spending time and effort.

Staffing service and referral service

This is a temporary staffing and employment placement service focused on working in the film and video industry in which our company operates.
We recruit and register human resources tailored to the needs of the film and video industry, and dispatch and introduce human resources mainly to our business partners in various businesses that we operate.

Support Non-commercial Screenings
[Screenings Event for Everybody]

“Screening Event for Everybody” is a service that supports movie screenings in “non-theater” such as screening by/for movie circles, community study sessions, school classes, workplace training, and local events.

NILE Fukikae Daishoten
(NILE dubbing related goods store)

We have launched and operated “NILE Fukikae Daishoten” (NILE dubbing related goods store), a specialized online shop that sells products related to Japanese-language dubbing and voice actors that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Crowdfunding coordination

Commercialization of small needs through crowdfunding that has attracted attention in recent years.  It has the potential to be a major force in the release of niche and specialized contents. We will help you plan and facilitate the commercialization of contents that are niche but long-awaited by specific enthusiastic supporters.

allcinema ONLINE Advertising agency

“allcinema” is the visual entertainment information site operated by Stingray Co., Ltd, having the largest number of registered films and actors in Japan.
We act as an ad agency to sell banner ads and floating ads in “allcinema”.

Office de Eiga(movie)

Office de Eiga, a project jointly conducted with Portrait Co., Ltd., is a service that delivers “Eiga(=movie)” to corporate meeting rooms or open spaces with the aim of using movie viewing for team building.