Spirit of Fieldworks

What we are aiming at, is to be a �compass suggesting the best way of marketing Movie TV, Video and various visual contents�. Namely, it is to provide customers with the market data, research results, and its analysis in a timely and accurate manner. That is made possible by verifying professional assumptions one after another, which have been acquired in various aspects of daily works.

We think we should emulate, in doing such quiet but very important daily works, the spirit of Tadataka Ino, who lived in Edo era and risked his life to produce the first map of Japan, showing the detailed coastline, such as called �Great Japan Coastal Map�. This great project was completed by Ino surveying team�s efforts made day in day out for over 20 years. Mr. Ino fell ill at age of 73, but his team continued to make its way step by step to complete the great work.

Our logo has been designed after the measuring device called �Quadrant� used by Ino�s surveying team, with hope for emulating and sharing the wholehearted spirit of his and his team, so that we can accomplish our aim in our time.

Company Name FieldWorks Inc.
Headquarters Excel TY Building 1F,
1-16-13 Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5794-3011
FAX 03-5794-3012
of Establishment
1999 November 11th
Capital 10 million Japanese yen
Employees 6
(As of December 2011, Not including part-time executives)
Officer [CEO]
Yoshiyuki Kida
[Executive (Part-time)]
Kohichi Ueda (Kogyo Tsushinsha Inc)
[Executive (Part-time)]
Katsuya Iwamoto (Stingray Corporation CEO)
[Auditor (Part-time)]
Keiko Gotoh
Mainbank Mizuho Bank Ltd.
Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
The Sawayaka Shinkin Bank
Contact e-mail info@fieldworks.ne.jp
FieldWorks' EBM(Evidence-Based Marketing)

(Evidence-Based Marketing) Intuition that comes as a result of experience is considered as a very valuable asset in the contents business. This is because future projections by people with accumulated experience, is usually on target. Fieldworks' EBM provides logical consistency based upon marketing data to verify hypotheses generated by people with valuable experience in the arena.

The Fieldworks staff will cater to needs such as evaluation of marketing plans, setting of sales targets and maximization of advertising effects, and will work to build a hypothesis validation model based upon marketability, using the fore mentioned concept.

Regarding the illustration on the top page

One of the reasons that Mr. Ino possessed the same level of surveying technique for drawing coastline as the world level at that time (the beginning of 19th century) was that he was taught and guided by Yoshitoki Takahashi, who was in charge of astronomy matters in the government. Then how Yoshitoki Takahashi acquired such advanced technology? It is said that it was due to the study done in Asada School. Goryu Asada, the master of not only the Asada School, but also Japan astronomy, assimilated and developed the state of the art, almost equal to western astronomy in his own unique way, having many agents in all over Japan which enabled him to collect observation data from every place in Japan, devised and improved unique instruments such as �Transit instruments�, �Quadrants�, and �Pendulum astronomic clock�. It goes without saying that his earnest attitude and progressive thinking were took over to Tadataka Ino through Yoshitoki Takahashi. The quadrant that Ino used for surveying coastline was developed by Goryu Asada and his associates.

The illustration of the top page is an excerpt from a picture book �Goryu's Sky� (Issued by Bungeisha in 2007)

>> a picture book �Goryu's Sky�